Lunch Menu | October 23rd to 27th

2ª FEIRA: Pumpkin and chestnut soup + Squid and shrimp curry
3ª FEIRA: Eggplant and spinach soup + Lamb chops with orange sauce
4ª FEIRA: Onion cream soup with egg + Fresh salmon with mushrooms
5ª FEIRA: Chicken soup + Pork loin with “farinheira” (Portuguese sausage)
6ª FEIRA: Broccoli cream soup + Codfish gratin with corn bread

Lunch Menu | October 16th to 20th

2ª FEIRA: Green beans soup + “Picanha” burger with vegetables and creamy cheese
3ª FEIRA: Celery and potato soup + Fried swordfish with tomato rice
4ª FEIRA: Fish soup + Chicken puff pastry with mustard sauce
5ª FEIRA: Zucchini and basil cream + Tuna loin with honey
6ª FEIRA: Chayote and cauliflower soup + Pork cheeks with Portuguese smoked sausage and cabbage

Lunch Menu | October 9th to 13th

2ª FEIRA: Beetroot soup + Puff pastry salmon with potato gratin
3ª FEIRA: Chickpeas cream soup + Pork loin with plum
4ª FEIRA: Watercress soup + Fish stew
5ª FEIRA: Pea and smoked ham soup + Cordon bleu with camembert and smoked ham
6ª FEIRA: Pumpkin and orange soup + Codfish fritters with saffron

Lunch Menu | October 2nd to 6th

2ª FEIRA: Broccoli cream soup + Pork leg with mustard sauce
3ª FEIRA: Beans and coriander cream soup + “À brás” codfish with “farinheira”
(portuguese sausage)
4ª FEIRA: Lettuce soup + Supreme chicken with butter and herbs
5ª FEIRA: À la carte service from 12 pm to 12 am
6ª FEIRA: Spinach and carrot cream soup + Turkey strogonoff with mushrooms duo

Lunch Menu | September 25th to 29th

2ª FEIRA: Green beans soup + Tuna with sesame seeds crust
3ª FEIRA: Celery and potato soup + Chicken rolls with dates
4ª FEIRA: Julienne soup + Codfish with chickpeas puree
5ª FEIRA: Portuguese green soup with zucchini + Beef stew with basil
6ª FEIRA: Pumpkin and ginger soup + Squid curry and shrimp

Lunch Menu | September 18th to 22nd

2ª FEIRA: Green beans soup + Lamb chops with orange sauce
3ª FEIRA: Mushrooms and white beans soup + Octopus rice
4ª FEIRA: Leek cream soup + Black pork slices with rice and grilled aubergine
5ª FEIRA: Private event
6ª FEIRA: Aubergine and spinach soup + Duck breast with chestnut puree

Lunch Menu | September 11th to 15th

2ª FEIRA: Carrot soup with egg + Black linguini with shrimp and cuttlefish with garlic
3ª FEIRA: Sweet potato and spinach soup + Madame duck rice
4ª FEIRA: Julienne soup + Fresh salmon with mushrooms and potato
5ª FEIRA: Zucchini and basil soup + Chicken cordon bleu
6ª FEIRA: Beetroot soup + Codfish gratin with corn bread

Lunch Menu | September 04th to 08th

2ª FEIRA: Lettuce cream soup + Fresh sausage with savoy cabbage
3ª FEIRA: Caesar salad with salmon + Cuttlefish tempura
4ª FEIRA: Tomato soup with basil + Burger with gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions
5ª FEIRA: Salad with cherry tomato and mozzarella + Codfish “à Brás ” with “farinheira” (portuguese sausage)
6ª FEIRA: Lentil cream soup + Pork cheeks stew

Lunch Menu | August 28th to September 1st

2ª FEIRA: Cream pea and mint soup + “Bolo do caco” burger with curd cheese and vegetables
3ª FEIRA: Private Event – Opens at 4 pm
4ª FEIRA: Fig salad with smoked ham + Octopus fritters with tomato rice
5ª FEIRA: Pumpkin soup with orange + Chicken curry with shrimps
6ª FEIRA: Greek salad + Fish fillets with carrot rice

Lunch Menu | August 21st to 25th

2ª FEIRA: Arugula Salad with cantaloupe with smoked ham + Fresh salmon with mushrooms
3ª FEIRA: Cold tomato soup with basil + Lamb chops with thyme and rosemary
4ª FEIRA: Avocado and mango salad + Dark linguini with sea food
5ª FEIRA: Cold beetroot soup + Black pork slices with black bean rice
6ª FEIRA: Olivier salad with green apple + Fish stew with pasta and 3 peppers