Lunch Menu | July 16th to 20th

MONDAY: Watermelon, cucumber and mint salad + Monkfish rice and 3 peppers
TUESDAY: Gazpacho + Chicken with mixed mushrooms
WEDNESDAY: Chickpeas, peppers and spinach salad + Salmon tranche with mango and avocado salad
THURSDAY: Melon soup with ham + Lemon marinated lamb cutlet
FRIDAY: Chicken pop-corn with mustard and honey mayonnaise + Octopus fillets with tomato risotto

Lunch Menu | July 9th to 13th

MONDAY:  Greek salad + Fried pork with clams
TUESDAY: Sweet potato and garlic soup + Fried cuttlefish
WEDNESDAY:  Roasted bell peppers salad with curd + Alheira (Portuguese sausage) tortilla
THURSDAY: Tomato and beet cream soup + Cod with spinach
FRIDAY: Shrimp and pineapple salad + Chicken burger with tomato and mozzarella sauce

Lunch Menu | July 2nd to 6th

MONDAY:  Cauliflower and chayote soup + Cod au gratin with cornbread
TUESDAY: Olivier salad with apple + Tagliatelle with beetroot pesto and crispy chicken
WEDNESDAY:  Pumpkin and ginger soup + Sea bass fillet on couscous of clams
THURSDAY: Smoked salmon with lettuce + Duck empanadas with tomato and cucumber salad
FRIDAY: Peas and mint cream soup + Fried swordfish with tomato rice

Lunch Menu | June 25th to 29th

MONDAY:  Spinach salad with mushroom tempura + Chicken stroganoff with mushrooms
TUESDAY: Pumpkin and sweet potato soup + Linguine nero with smoked salmon and cream cheese
WEDNESDAY:  Arugula, mango and kimi salad + Bull kebab with padrón pepper and pineapple
THURSDAY: Beet and carrot soup + Tuna in quinoa crust
FRIDAY: Caprese salad + Grilled picanha with lack beans and farofa

Lunch Menu | June 18th to 22nd

MONDAY:  Broccoli and sweet potato cream soup + Cuttlefish tempura with Madame’s sauce
TUESDAY: Zucchini soup + Mixed grilled meats
WEDNESDAY:  Turnips and mushrooms cream soup + Monkfish with black beer
THURSDAY: Watercress soup + Madame´s duck rice
FRIDAY: Chickpeas and coconut milk cream soup + Puff pastry white grouper with cauliflower gratin

Lunch Menu | June 11th to 15th

MONDAY:  Carrot cream with chopped egg + Codfish patanisca with tomato rice
TUESDAY: Beetroot gazpacho + Madame’s roasted suckling pig
WEDNESDAY:  Holiday – À la carte menu
THURSDAY: Sopa de tomate com ovo de codorniz + Caldeirada de peixe
FRIDAY: Green cab soup + Roast beef with spinach and orange salad

Lunch Menu | June 4th to 8th

MONDAY:  Green bean soup + Chicken and mustard in puff pastry
TUESDAY: Lettuce cream soup + Green cod
WEDNESDAY:  Eggplant and spinach soup + Pork cheeks with red wine
THURSDAY: Tomato soup with mint + Squid and peas rice
FRIDAY: Rich fish soup + Picanha burger with onion confiture and gorgonzola

Lunch Menu | May 28th to June 1st

MONDAY:  Julienne soup + Turkey stroganoff with mushrooms
TUESDAY: Pumpkin and spinach duo + Tagliatelli with broccoli and salmon chips
WEDNESDAY:  Cassava soup + Fried pork Alentejana style
THURSDAY: Holiday – À la carte menu
FRIDAY: Chard Soup + Tuna loin with honey and mashed potato

Lunch Menu | May 21st to 25th

MONDAY:  Leek cream + Cod au gratin
TUESDAY: Cold beet soup with ricotta + Madame´s oven-roasted pork
WEDNESDAY:  Pumpkin soup with orange + Spinach ravioli with salmon flakes
THURSDAY: Gazpacho + Madame´s duck rice
FRIDAY: Peas cream + Seabass with asparagus açorda

Lunch Menu | May 14th to 18th

MONDAY:  Zucchini and basil cream + Saffron Rice with breaded turkey patties
TUESDAY: Carrot, apple and celery soup + Linguini nero with seafood
WEDNESDAY:  Chayote and cauliflower cream + Burger with grilled vegetables and ricotta
THURSDAY: Green broth with chorizo + Codfish “à brás” style with tomato and cucumber salad
FRIDAY: Asparagus cream + Tagliatelli with beetroot pesto and sautéed chicken