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The Madame’s residence

On her arrival in Lisbon, Madame looked for a place to gather what is the best and most characteristic in the city: an indescribable light all year long, the embrace of the Tagus River, an unforgettable view, the coziness of a typical neighborhood and of course, at the end of the day, an impeccable sunset!

It was precisely next to the Sightseeing Point of Santa Catarina, on the 3rd floor of number 17 in Santa Catarina Street, that Madame Petisca found everything she was looking for. After all, what location would be more indicated for a Madame other than an antique French perfume factory?

This place with history in the heart of Lisbon is just a distance from a trip on the famous 28 tram or on the Bica funicular, pearls of our city! Be sure to visit this space, where the view is guaranteed as well as the comfort and the good taste, characteristic of any Madame’s residence!