The Madame Petisca

In her childhood, the little trickster lived up to the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”: exchanging her household chores for the exotic smells that flooded the corridors of her parents’ little palace….

…until she reached the chubby, smiling cook. There, between the skirts of the Brazilian cook and the pots and pans, she learned the secrets of the family’s delightful snacks. Her future fate as exemplary bourgeois did not please her: just imagining that she would be unable to cook sent a chill down her spine.

Our rebel Madame then fled to her destination (and from home), joining a freighter crew to travel the world. It was on this journey that she refined her recipe for cod slices with a gently poached egg.

To this journey, others were added, whose contribution was crutial to develop recipes such as the Japanese flavour of the Wagyu Beef Burger or the taste of Wuindim, which awakened her sweet memories from Brazil.

While still on the high seas, Madame’s Lusitanian longing – ‘saudades’ – struck even harder, and she decided to return to her hometown and take root in Rua de Santa Catarina, where she created a place overlooking the Tejo. This way, she could always look at the horizon and fondly remember her adventures. In this tour around the world, the culinary gifts associated with her bourgeois loftiness gave her the name that continues to this day, “Madame Petisca”.