A bit more
about the Madame

Madame Petisca arrived in Lisbon in May of 2015 with a very clear and well defined goal: to provide moments of flavor and sharing through the best tapas, wines and genuine Portuguese products!

The Madame Petisca Restaurant, Bar and Rooftop was born through the Shiadu brand, the entity responsible for the implementation of this project in a unique and distinct space. Similar to other projects, the values of Shiadu are present through the assurance of a good service.

Be it to have a drink at the end of the day, dinner amongst friends or just an intimate evening, the Madame Petisca is committed to offering the best Portuguese cuisine in the form of delicious tapas… come savor a menu that calls for sharing!

THE Madame’s Residence

On her arrival in Lisbon, Madame looked for a place to gather what is the best and most characteristic in the city: an indescribable light all year long, the embrace of the Tagus River, an unforgettable view, the coziness of a typical neighborhood and of course, at the end of the day, an impeccable sunset!

It was precisely next to the Sightseeing Point of Santa Catarina, number 17 in Santa Catarina Street, that Madame Petisca found everything she was looking for. After all, what location would be more indicated for a Madame other than an antique French perfume factory?

This place with history in the heart of Lisbon is just a distance from a trip on the famous 28 tram or on the Bica funicular, pearls of our city! Be sure to visit this space, where the view is guaranteed as well as the comfort and the good taste, characteristic of any Madame’s residence!

Food Philosophy

Fresh and healthy food is our passion and philosophy! The authenticity of our ingredients means our food is filled with flavors, nutritional value, freshness and tradition. Whenever we can, we use Portuguese ingredients to make simple food, which is executed with excellence.

We work hard to make food that is fuel for the mind and spirit, as well as for the body. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures! And like all great pleasures, it is even better if shared. Come break bread with the Madame and enjoy your meal in good company.

Our people

Our Team is the heart and soul of Madame Petisca. Since day one, we have worked hard to build, cultivate and sustain a truly exceptional team from all walks of life.

Our service

At Madame Petisca, our customers are our guests. That is why we care about and pay attention to our service, as we do to our menus. Each of our staff members has been carefully trained to create a strong culture of excellence in service, from our front desk to your table. They will help you to make the most of this food journey you are about to embark on.

Fresh is always better

Good food which makes you feel even better when enjoyed with friends and family. It is good food because it is good for the environment, for the producers and for our health and well-being.

Eating is an experience

We want you to enjoy food wholeheartedly and to celebrate the joys of eating and sharing good food. We live busy lives, filled with different demands and pressures. Eating meals with those we love, gives us a chance to slow down, take a step back, and remember what is actually important, in order to truly appreciate it.